Welcome at Lengkeek Staalbouw

Lengkeek Staalbouw BV, a part of Andus Group, is a steel and general construction firm which in the course of the years has specialised in total projects in the field of both planned and unplanned maintenance, plant changes and new construction; it also offers support during manufacturing downtime. Being primarily active in the heavy and petrochemical industry, Lengkeek Staalbouw is located in the Botlek area and its major customers are consequently mostly located in the Botlek area and Europoort.


Lengkeek Staalbouw BV prefers to think along with its customers right from the start. Versatility is part of its strength. A unique feature at Lengkeek Staalbouw BV is its way of settling payments. The company accepts settlements, frequently used by our customers, based on long-term unit rate contracts.


At Lengkeek active safety and quality considerations are self-evident: at any time, in each phase, at all levels. Of course, the organisation is ISO 9001:2008 and VCA-P certified.


Part of a greater whole

Lengkeek Staalbouw is part of Andus Group. The subsidiaries of Andus Group have one aim: Serving the industry. And they have one characteristic in common: to be the best within their own specialisation. On specific projects, group companies work together, combining their experience and resources. Andus Group is a company (657 employees and an annual turnover of over € 247  million in 2020) which can realise any industrial project in any segment. The ambition is clear: the Andus companies are always aiming to achieve maximum client satisfaction. That is why Andus Group can continue to further strengthen their possibilities at the top of the different market segments. This requires high quality and the use of innovative methods when designing, producing and realising projects. And of course optimum service from experienced and skilled project management. Andus Group is a powerful and reliable partner completely geared to your success.