Lengkeek Steel Construction invests in a new, fully automated drill/saw line

With a strong focus on optimizing processes, Lengkeek Steel Construction has recently taken a new Kaltenbach drill/saw line into use.


This machine enables  Lengkeek to make production more efficient. Customers can also be better served and be assured of optimum quality.


The Kaltenbach, with a total length of 30 meters, is able to accurately and fully automatically process steel profiles and beams up to a length of 14 meters. The machine is ideal for milling slotted holes and offers the possibility of marking profiles to be welded. The drill/saw line is equipped with an automatic, double-sided metal band sawing machine with a separate discharge track for short profiles up to 1,200 mm. The drilling unit is equipped with 3 drilling spindles, each equipped with 5 automatically changing drill chucks.



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New Kaltenbach drill/saw line
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