Development history of Lengkeek Staalbouw BV

Lengkeek Staalbouw BV was established in 1933 as a smithy and stove repair firm. Shortly afterwards bicycle repairs were added. In the 1950s and 1960s, when Dutch ship building celebrated its glory years, the company set up a scaffolding department. This department was primarily carrying out assignments for the notorious Verolme shipyard. In the early 1960s Lengkeek Staalbouw BV took its first tentative steps in the petrochemical industry at Shell in Pernis. Gradually, the company developed into an important contributor to Shell's maintenance workshop. In that period Shell still ran a very large and important drawing office of its own and all constructions were crafted by means of drawings assigned by Shell. By the end of the 1980s Shell was beginning to concentrate on its core business and many drawings were being outsourced. This development encouraged Lengkeek Staalbouw BV in 1993 to set up its own drawing office, which soon grew into a facility with considerable authority. Over the years Lengkeek Staalbouw BV has developed into a company doing the engineering of highly varying work in changing circumstances (for instance in an operating petrochemical plant). The company invariably pays great attention to quality and safety.


Since 2000 Lengkeek Staalbouw BV has been part of the Andus Group (formerly RijnDijk Groep). At he end of 2003 Lengkeek Staalbouw BV obtained its first ISO 9001:2000 certificate, despite turbulent times.


Development history of Lengkeek IJmond BV

Lengkeek IJmond BV moves beyond where VDC Staalconstructie stops. VDC (Van der Cammen) Staalconstructie set up business in Rotterdam in 1855, soon acquiring a strong reputation for building steel constructions, prefabrication and the installation of pipeline systems at home and abroad; the company has all needed expertise, experience and contemporary facilities. Thanks to its just-in-time deliveries the company can accomplish efficiently many projects in the petrochemical and process industries, offshore, in refineries, the dairy and food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the ecology sector. Frequently, VDC Staalconstructie even completes projects for crafting art works. VDC Staalconstructie can rightly refer to itself as being all-round in design, production, assembly, installation and finishing.


In 2002 VDC Staalconstructie, together with its sister company Unicum Staalconservering, was taken over by the Andus Group from ROB Netherlands. VDC Staalconstructie by then had been holding the ISO-certificate for several years. In early 2003 the company said goodbye to Unicum Staalconservering, which preferred to carry on independently.


Ready for the 21st century

When VDC Staalconstructie was taken over by the Andus Group in 2002, it moved in with Lengkeek Staalbouw BV. Several departments were amalgamated, but both organisations continued to operate independently.


To benefit more from the group participation it was decided in 2003 - encouraged by the economic developments - to join forces. This was achieved by having RijnDijk Steelcontracting BV head three sister companies, including Lengkeek Staalbouw BV and VDC Staalconstructie. This BV will mainly be involved in obtaining assignments and project management. Lengkeek VDC thus returns to being a company focusing on service, plant changes and other maintenance-like activities. The organisation becomes smaller and flatter because of all these changes, with a concomitant downsizing of overhead (because of the removal of project management).


In early 2004 the activities running under the VDC name were ceased and only the Corus-area activity remained. The name of VDC is hardly used anymore and everything now operates under the Lengkeek banner. All of this was finally settled when in the last phase of 2005 the remaining activities of the former VDC Staalconstructie were rebaptised as Lengkeek IJmond.