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Lengkeek Steel Construction concentrates primarily on specialist projects in the petrochemical industry.


The company is a guarantee for professional construction of projects ranging from industrial buildings, pipe racks, platforms, reinforced concrete stairways, and pipe supports to complete factory installations. Complicated constructions are assembled as necessary at unique locations. The activities can be carried out during ‘factory shut-downs', or also quickly, efficiently and safely during ‘running production processes'. Lengkeek Steel Construction is regularly brought in to draw up multi-year plans related to the maintenance of large chemical factories. The company's expertise is also called upon if it is necessary to determine whether, and if so, how a factory can be brought back into production quickly and safely following a fire or explosion.


The total process - from engineering to assembly

In many instances, the clients have direct contact with the engineering department. That short line of communication and the available know-how ensure that projects that are often complex can be approached quickly and directly. At rates that are clear. Lengkeek Steel Construction works with clear calculations, based on pricing established in advance.


The construction is prepared in the production department, where maximum use is made of the latest CAD/CAM developments. The result is better fits, minimum tolerances, higher speeds, efficient use of materials. Preservation is wholly based on the needs created by the industrial environment, which puts a great deal of wear and tear on construction. During assembly, the close coordination and the well thought-out solutions came into their own. That approach usually means that very large parts are pre-assembled, after which others can install equipment, conduits and piping. The complete factory component is then put into place as a skid-mounted structure.


Safety and quality

An active safety and quality policy is second nature at Lengkeek - at every moment, at every stage and at all levels. The company is, of course, SCC-P certified and the technicians all have Safety I and II diplomas. There is more than enough available experience with the chemical and petrochemical industry permit system. The quality control system is based on ISO 9001. Projects are naturally carried out according to the quality requirements specified by the client.